The OSS Movement launched GO-FOSS initiative on 1st December, 2007 which has ended on 2nd January,2008. It was an initiative to promote the community towards the Free/Open Source Software through the training and F/OSS support center. We have seen great response from the community which have motivated us to go further with this kind of initiatives. Please check the notice board to have a look at GO-FOSS final report.



The OSS Movement  announced another " Open Source support week" from july 16 th and concluded with huge responses.  Users from different professional groups responded to seek support in a convenient way.

There was an  informative session in the middle of the week to update the users on the recent activities of the Open Source world.


 Free CDs  of  Openoffice.org were distributed among the students along with the feedback form to know about their usage experience . 


A workshop on " Efficient and effective Information Mangement without added cost on software"  was held as part of  OSS Campaign conducted during this month.


The OSS Movement announced a free tele support week for FOSS community. The support line were open from 8 a.m to 6 p.m everyday.

The responses were outstanding with demands to arrange of this kind of support event more and more.


The OSS Movement pleased to announce a free training on Linux System Administration for beginners.  We couldn't accept all the applicants to participate this training program due to our resource limit. 

The OSS Movement planning to build up a long term free training schedule subject to availability of resources because we need to create  skilled FOSS based community for the effective deployment of  open source softwares and its future expansion.