Our mission is to enlarge the FOSS community with the inspiration of knowledge sharing. Our dedication is to build a local software industry that will foster the economy through the participatory model of Open Source Software, Open Content and Open Standard.

We will continue to work with FOSS to:
  1. Spread the philosophy of Free Open Source Software and increase its effective usage.

  2. Minimize the digital divide.

  3. Reduce poverty using Information Technology.

  4. Build up capacity amongst educational institutions, professional groups, government, SMEs and non-government organizations.

  5. Fabricate a participatory Information Technology development system with collaboration from the different segment of society.

  6. Establish an Open Source Software Learning Center that will make sure the availability of FOSS literate human resource.

  7. Provide Online and On site support for FOSS.

  8. Formulate  migration plan and advocacy for adoption.

  9. Localize and translation of  Open Source Software, Open Content  as per the community demand.

10.  Organize events to enhance the opportunities of skill             sharing.